The Moose Advantage


Our irrigators help develop your farm's full potential.

Designed for smaller acreages and irregular areas.

Save time.

Save money.

Use existing pumps 

Use existing mainlines

Water pressure driven

No electronics

One operator

Quickly moved

Adjustable water on the go

No constant supervision

Easy maintenance design

Replaces quick coupling 

Replaces drag lines

Where to Use The Moose




Pasture irrigation

Horse arena dust control 

Wildlife food plots

Sports fields irrigation

Polo field irrigation

Mining dust control

Fire suppression

Rotor Irrigator

Economic Model

Our ultra low pressure economic model

Operates from 15 psi to 80 psi

Working range 30 gpm to 135 gpm

6 speed settings 

Wetted area 80’ to 110’

Standard 1200’ of 5/32 galavanized cable

Standard 25 foot boom

Options include...

Bolt on hose reel 

Order reel with 600' of Kuriyama Ironsides hose

For multiple Rotors, a reel cart with 1200’ of hose and an impact sprinkler

5’ mast extension for higher crops

Boom extension add on for 37 feet overall

Position monitoring system June 2018

Traveling Rotor Irrigator

Traveling Rotor Irrigator

Turbine Irrigator

The Workhorse


Most versatile and rugged traveling irrigator 

Adjustable wheel tracks for furrows

Pivoting front axle for stability

1200’ of 3/16 galavanized cable

600’ of 2-1/2" Kuriyama Ironsides layflat hose

Hose in 300’, 200’ and 100’ reels

Allows for travel in 100' increments up to 1200’

3 Impact Sprinklers with 3 nozzle sets each

150' diameter wetted area

Working range 50 gpm to 240 gpm

5:1 ratio manual hose winder

Operating pressure 35 psi to 100 psi

Adjustable travel speed with dual turbine jets

Optional electric hose winder May 2018

Optional monitoring system June 2018

Turbine Irrigator

Turbine Irrigator